Exercise: REST URI design

In this exercise you must define some REST URIs for a school.

You must defines URIs for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

If you don't know where to start read this first

REST API Tutorial

Getting started

Clone the project https://github.com/MartinKierkegaard/WcfRESTserviceSchool

Read the code, specially the REST URIs in the interface ISchoolService.
The project has a lot of REST URIs regarding teachers. In this exercises you must make similar REST URIs for students.


In all cases state the URI and the body (if any) of the request and the response + the HTTP status code(s) possible.


Try your REST URIs with Postman or Fiddler.

Unit testing

Unit test the methods behind the REST URIs.

Extra: School classes

Relevant URIs for school classes: Get, create, update, and delete.

We should also be able to get the class of a student with a specified id, etc.

Extra: Database

Skip the class SchoolData and replace it with a database with tables like:

The class SchoolService must be refactored to use the database, not static lists.
You probably want to do this in a separate branch (Git)in your project